Old Lake, rebirth, Samsung S4 Ali YunOS Flash experience evaluation

Recently, just released by Ali YunOS 3.0 adapter half old flagship Samsung S4, as people don’t brush a chance the death star, we brush machine the first time. The main pay-level security and ease of use of the system, its experience and what happens? Take a look right now.

FOSSIL iPhone 5/5S Case Stripes

Brushing machines

This card is the official Forum, has been brushed into a third-party recovery machines, can be pair of straight flush. And not brush recovery machines, first with a Samsung official Odin clients brush into the recovery, brushing machine is simple. FOSSIL iPhone 5


System boot is a classic for the first time guided interface, significantly flattened style.

Unlock the logic of the new system is down, according to the bottom-right corner of the icon to the left of the camera open camera, double-click the clock to call out music controllers. Itself will show the second hand of the clock and weather animate, done in detail.

System desktop most obvious characteristic is the unity application icon into the card, is a card on the left side of the “Service Center”. Looks a bit strange at the beginning, but huge card click accuracy is not high, one-handed operation but good.

Call out directly under the desktop search interface, long press the set key to call the voice Assistant. Task management animation clean, fast switching speed, like MIUI 6 have no obvious sense of slowly replaces the thumbnails. Designated under lock, scratch off, and features such as one-click Cleanup there.

Notification notification bar will be divided into two levels show important and common, permanent calendar of head, flow control entrance.

Left notification directly call up the notification screen button, right is a fast switch, simplified line wind icons as “giant” and support a custom order.

Setup interface after the rearrangement is streamlined, the animation speed in developer mode setting is retained by conscience, and other obscure developer features are hidden.

System application FOSSIL iPhone 5 case

Dialing, SMS and other communication interfaces and functionality of the module are relatively restrained. Left and right strokes can switch between call history, contacts, and yellow pages, bring your own blacklist, strange number marking, Twitter common functionality such as synchronization.

SMS are small and exquisite, you can collapse does not display the notification window class information and default 2 seconds to send.

Security Center contains permissions management, waste disposal, preventing harassment, power and flow control function.

Encryption, payment security, protection, security and other advanced features focused on privacy and account security.

Input layout is streamlined, but functionally rich, night mode, simply fan switching, even import feature have QR scanning and geographic location.

Camera does a fine, left and right strokes can “touch, video, scan code, Panorama” switch between several functions, in order to streamline the interface, filters, exposure and white balance control is placed in the secondary menu, estimate that the average user would be more like it.

Music is the musical collaboration and shrimp, high and features numerous interface, music collections, radio, top, music library, time off, music has all the resources and functions such as alarm clock.

Clock application very carefully, Super flat style with uniform keys style, and shows the remaining time and the alarm, move the second hand red dot timer, directly drag has good ease of use improvements.

Calendar, weather, photo album, compass, tape recorder, computer, file manager and Application Center functionality such as application, is a fresh interface match the mainstream functions, and uniform removed set key functionality to streamline the hierarchy.

System features

New system focuses on accessibility, privacy and account security.

Life Service Center

Other far left of the desktop of the system of information centres, was made into a card “Service Center”, the animation and shadow blur effect is very delicate.

“Reading, maps, news, movies, shopping, taxi, train, express, violate” functions are integrated, can almost think of living in it.

Partly original YunOS inherited functions, unified by Web app runs. Almost every function is a simplified search interface, adding high speed and practicality, could save a lot of trouble with local application of.

Desktop card

Icon of the card also doubles as a shortcut and the notification Center. For applications such as music, calendar, icon will display the currently playing song on album covers and the to do list.

While the number of notifications generated angle, upward strokes icon you can call out your notification list and supports direct manipulation. Really handy to use this feature.

Desktop zero

Desktop two-finger zoom, will drag out a hidden drawer, put your target application will be hidden, escape to prevent the background flow.

This function in addition to male and female friends the zhagang, but can also be applied in passing deal with hooligans.

Private space

Privacy lock system security center integration, you can apply directly to the communications, pictures, files, lock. Because it is a system, it is difficult to break through the encryption.

And encrypting the file itself is encrypted, even if you cannot view the file was copied, Ann (sang) (Xin) (bing) (kuang) is quite high.

System security and performance

As Taobao and Alipay, a father’s system, estimates it is difficult to get the root permissions, but also ensure the safety of the system not battered by their base.

When the system detects a running program is PayPal or Taobao application, which automatically opens the Payroll security model and prevent third parties from application screenshots, read text messages, and read operations, such as the keyboard.

Original system ran (from the status bar can tell which system)

Ali YunOS run

In the optimization of the system, the new system than the primary system has improved, PI calculation speed improves 33%.

Energy-saving, the system also offers a variety of preset patterns, to power. Details of battery life results need more follow-up tests, but in the process of testing, Samsung S4 on the classic high temperatures weakened estimated battery life will have some improvements.


New version of Ali YunOS 3.0, on Samsung S4 was far better than I expected. UI, as well as on the action logic of the system, a number of new improvements. On system security and localization, software and services of the Department as a whole endorsed on the accessibility are far better than the Samsung original trench system, much more suitable for use as an everyday system.

For many users, in fact, two years ago, the flagship phone is overpopulated. Compared to the performance, which some users expect the new interface, as well as better usability and security. If it coincides with your S4 in native systems, the author is a recommended upgrade as soon as possible.


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